You know about Chicago. You know what’s going on there. You know the city’s nickname–Chiraq–denotes the city’s exorbitant murder rate.

But you may not know that Chicago’s murder rate has nothing to do with guns.

Guns are the instruments being used to inflict bloodshed, but culture is what propels the city’s inhabitants to pick up those guns.

Culture: the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.

Residents throughout Chicago’s neighborhoods have adopted a culture that says it’s okay to be immoral. It’s okay to break the law. It’s okay to shun education. It’s okay to lack knowledge. It’s okay to ignore blessings.

It’s okay to grab a gun and blow someone’s brains out for the most trivial of reasons.

These cultural norms have been passed on from generation to generation, from one insecure, lost soul to the next.

For a variety of reasons, these individuals are deathly afraid to reject this perverse culture. So they allow it into their lives, even though they know it will lead to their own death or someone else’s.

They’d rather die or go to prison, as opposed to being brave and shunning this culture.

Please do not mistake this for black culture. Ignorance, immorality, and criminality have nothing to do with black culture.

This is something else. It’s a way of life that a large number of Chicagoans have chosen to adopt, but virtually all black people wholly disagree with this lifestyle.

Yes, many of these criminals are considered black based on their skin tone. But they have chosen to separate themselves from African-American traditions and they have created their own society.

They do not represent black people or black culture in any way, whatsoever.

And poverty has nothing to do with it, either.

Chicagoans aren’t murdering one another because they are poor. There are people in third world countries who are 100 times poorer than the poorest person from Chicago, and the majority of these third world residents lead nonviolent lives.

Plus, there have been poor black people in America since the first slave ships arrived hundreds of years ago. Even when black Americans were penniless, murder and mayhem were never a part of their culture.

In fact, free blacks from the 1800s to the early 1900s were extremely impoverished; they were far more destitute than anyone who lives in Chicago today.

Nevertheless, blacks from this era did not slaughter one another because it was not an accepted part of their culture.

Back then, black neighborhoods were extremely safe and no amount of hardship or desperation could convince inhabitants to purposefully harm their peers.

You could have given them an endless stockpile of fully loaded guns and they would have never used them to perpetrate violence against members of their own community.

They knew that executing another black person would do nothing to improve their position in life. Modern day Chicagoans know it too. But they slay each other anyway because they are beholden to their culture.

Regardless of the number of guns on Chicago streets, the murder rate will drop once the culture changes.

If the criminals in Chicago choose to embrace traditional black culture (a culture which emphasizes lawfulness, intelligence, morality, and hard work) they will no longer have an inclination to pick up guns or indulge in general depravity.