The pressure to conform to social “norms” can sometimes feel overwhelming. At various points in life, everyone has made decisions based on society’s expectations. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because many of America’s social customs are healthy and harmless.

Buying a house, getting married, having kids, and not farting on elevators. These are all great examples of societal norms that actually serve a good purpose. However, not all cultural expectations are so innocent and harmless.

America’s traditional conception of beauty for women is the opposite of what a “natural” black woman looks like. Their skin, facial features and, of course, hair do not fit into the mold of what America has deemed attractive. This has been damaging to the psyche of countless African American women.

But here’s the thing: Black Americans are an integral part of this country’s cultural landscape and, thus, play a vital role in determining what’s beautiful and what’s not. And since beauty is “in the eye of the beholder,” everything about black women is gorgeous if we deem it so. And we do. Because it is.

Natural Black Hair Corporate Workplace

There are several examples of gorgeous black women with natural black hair—a few of which are featured in pictures within this article (scroll down for more). Regardless of America’s traditional ideas about beauty, there’s no human being in this country who can honestly say that any of these women are ugly or unattractive in any way (the operative term being honestly).

This is because—regardless of texture—hair always looks good when it’s done well. Done well denotes healthy, nurtured, nourished, and artfully styled hair. In other words, a well executed hairdo will always be flattering for a woman whether the hair texture is kinky and curly or bone straight.

Hence, it is not the texture of the hair that matters; rather, it is the skill of the hairstylist and the quality of the final product that makes all the difference. A white woman with straight blond hair is no more gorgeous than a black woman with immaculate dreadlocks or a well-kept twist-out.

a well executed hairdo will always be flattering for a woman whether the hair texture is kinky and curly or bone straight.

Thankfully, more and more black women are beginning to appreciate the intrinsic beauty of natural black hair. Yet, some of them are still hesitant about rocking their God-given manes in the corporate environment. They needn’t be. When it comes to making moves in the corporate world with natural hair, black women should just do it.

Although kinky curls and frizzy twists are contrary to the decades-old image of the professional woman, corporate black women have nothing to fear. That’s because there is no employer who would have the audacity to hinder a black woman’s career because she doesn’t fit their preconceived notion of what a businesswoman should look like. And any black woman who becomes a victim of follicular discrimination should sue the living hell out of her employer, posthaste.

However, legal action will never be necessary for the vast majority of natural black professional women because virtually all employers will respect and admire any go-getter who is competent, knowledgeable, and well put-together from head to toe. A ten-nation army couldn’t stop an ambitious black businesswoman equipped with a braided bun and an arsenal of smart business suits.

Yes, confronting the corporate status quo can be daunting, but it is important to remember that black women have historically faced far more formidable obstacles. Women like Amelia Boynton and Daisy Bates were brave enough to put their lives on the line for laudable causes. So modern black women should definitely have what it takes to confront a few corporate stiffs who may be a little uncomfortable with (or secretly in awe of) the ebony woman’s natural locks.

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